Help & Resources

It starts with a conversation.

Life can come at us quickly and leave us in an emergency, or some other unforeseen situation.  Our goal is to help you navigate these things and get you the help and resources you need.  

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We are here to serve.

We have so many opportunities to help that it can be difficult to list them all here.  Our goal is to chat with you so that we can find every opportunity to help you in the best way.  So a conversation is the best place to start.

How We Serve

Prayer Request

Let us pray for you. Just ask.

Food and Home

If you have food or home needs, we'd like to help.

Meet with a Pastor

Set up a time to talk about your walk with one of our pastors.

Special Needs

Our Special Needs Ministry is available each Sunday morning from 9am-Noon.
We have a trained staff along with awesome volunteers that can't wait to welcome your kids with open arms.

Contact Us

Lets chat and see how we can serve you best.